A presentation of the family workshop “Tree of Life” was held at the Holodomor Museum

2 June 2023

Our excursion and education department launched this new activity for children and their parents to encourage our visitors to explore their genealogy in-depth, realize the value of family ties, capture memories and preserve heirlooms.

“Parents with children often visit the museum. We tell them about those times in Ukrainian history when entire families and clans disappeared, but life still won. And they share their family stories – impressive and touching, – says Museum employee Olha Vyhodovanets. – The Holodomor Museum is a place for intergenerational communication and important conversations about history, family heirlooms and memory. That is why the idea appeared to create classes on family research, where adults and children will work together. At the workshop, we get to know the ancient technique of Woodblock printing on textile technique and create a tree of its own kind.”

Indeed, our family is a chain of people and destiny, resembling a sprawling tree. Unfortunately, many people only know the top of this tree – several generations. It is crucial to record them now so that future descendants have more information about their roots. Therefore, we offered our youngest visitors to create their own family tree using the punching technique, and parents – to help their children fill in the names of all the “flowers” and “leaves” on this tree.

Our adult visitors also received links to useful resources and tips on how to research the history of their family independently.

At the same time, children and adults could see the most valuable exhibits of our museum – heirlooms of specific families, which were kept in families for many years and passed down from generation to generation. But remember: do they have something similar? After all, we often do not even think about the true value of some things.

Perhaps, now is the time to flip through the family album together, tell your children who are depicted in these photos, sign and organize the pictures, and tell who their ancestors were and what they were respected for. Several decades will pass, and your child will know, for sure, that this is an album of family members, not some strangers…

May the tree of your family’s life grow!

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