After a long restoration, a rare artefact returned to the Museum

28 February 2024

A unique exhibit – a children’s shirt – returned to our museum collection after a long restoration. The shirt, embroidered with a small cross, most likely belonged to a 3-5-year-old boy from the Dnieper region. It appeared in our collections when the Museum was just being created, but it was in a “non-exhibition” condition: parts of the embroidery and fabric were lost, one sleeve was torn off, and the fabric had numerous stains.

In general, children’s clothing is rarely found in the collections of Ukrainian museums due to the peculiarities of wearing and the fact that most of it was sewn from the mother’s worn shirts. In addition, as a rule, such clothes were worn by several children in turn, so they were literally worn to the holes.

“Aware of the value of such an exhibit, we turned to the research department of the restoration of works of cloth and leather of the National Research Restoration Centre of Ukraine. Our shirt fell into the hands of the restorer Olena Kyslykh, who managed to perform a real miracle!” – Maryna Pryn, chief custodian of the Holodomor Museum’s funds, says.

Thanks to the incredibly skilful and delicate restorer’s work, the museum received a complete museum object with full preservation of its originality. Thank you for the filigree rescue of the exhibit!​