American documentarian Brian Hopkins visited the Holodomor Museum

20 March 2023

On March 16, the American author and producer of documentary films Brian Hopkins visited the Holodomor Museum as part of the shooting of his new film about the Russian-Ukrainian war.

The American cinematographer was interested in the history of the Holodomor, as a crucial component of the history of Ukraine, which gives an understanding of the processes of the current Russian-Ukrainian war.

The head of the information and publishing department of the museum, Mykhailo Kostiv, spoke with the guest. In particular, a museum employee talked about various aspects of the Holodomor. He emphasized that the components of genocide are not only physical destruction but also the banning of the Ukrainian church, the deformation of culture, and the establishment of a new system of life with the aim of as much state control over society as possible.

Brian Hopkins was interested in the topic of repressive measures of the regime during the Holodomor and the survival methods that managed to preserve life in 1932-1933. The documentarian was also interested in the stories of Holodomor witnesses who managed to survive and convey real information about their lives firsthand.

Highlighting the topic of the Holodomor to a foreign audience is a crucial direction of the Museum’s work. In 2022 and 2023, against the background of a significant increase in attention to Ukraine as a whole, the number of foreign journalists, authors and cinematographers has increased significantly, and we, in turn, are doing everything possible to make our voice even more heard, including abroad.

It will be recalled that on March 13, an international delegation of representatives of Kyiv’s partner cities from the USA and the Kingdom of Denmark visited the Holodomor Museum.