An Exhibition "Famine of 21–23" Was Opened in Dnipro

1 July 2019

From June 25 to July 25, in the premises of Dmytry Yavornytskyy Dnipro National Historical Museum, in hall №9, there is a poster informational exhibition created by the National Museum “Holodomor Victims Memorial” entitled “Famine of 21–23.”

The photos and documentary materials of the exhibition show the complex of circumstances and political decisions of Lenin, which widely reveal the causes of the outbreak of mass starvation in Ukraine in 1921 and its extension until 1923, when the disaster has already been stopped in the Volga region by the food aid (including one from Ukraine). The materials explain why the Soviet historiography more remembered the faminein the Volga region than in Ukraine.

The exhibition “Famine of 21–23” raises the question: were the actions of the Bolsheviks against Ukrainians from the beginning of occupation to the famine of 1921–1923 the warnings about the beginning of the Soviet totalitarian regime in the life of a nation full of suffering, violence, terror and massacres?

The special attention was given to the methods and tactics of the Bolsheviks for the seizure of the territory of Ukraine: the creation of puppet authorities and the introduction of the Russian Red Army into the territory of Ukraine; conducting an undeclared war with the Ukrainian lawful government called “civil war”; splitting of society through propaganda.