Australian politician Michael Danby visited the Holodomor Museum

28 February 2024

Australian politician Michael Danby visited the Holodomor Museum today, February 27. It is symbolic that in February 2008, the House of Representatives of the Australian Parliament, of which Mr Denby was a member at the time, voted to recognise the Holodomor as an act of genocide against Ukrainians. Even earlier, in 2003, this was done by the country’s Senate. In this way, Australia joined the not very numerous at that time list of states that condemned the crimes of Stalinism and recognised the Holodomor in Ukraine as genocide.

Michael Danby and the representative of the Ukrainian diaspora in Australia, who accompanied him, were met by the Acting Director General of the Holodomor Museum, Lesia Hasydzhak. Together, they honoured the memory of the Ukrainians killed by hunger, lighting candles at the Altar of Memory. After that, the guests listened to a tour of the Hall of Memory, during which many questions were asked about the Holodomor genocide. As a reminder of their visit to our Museum, guests from Australia received a set of thematic literature in English.