Exhibition of the Holodomor Museum in the French city of Annecy

30 November 2023

The exhibition “Holodomor: Soviet Genocide of Ukrainians” opened in the French city of Annecy on 25 November. The exhibition was prepared by the Holodomor Museum, and translated into French by the Annecy Ukraine Association. The Association also organised the exhibition in the city of Annecy.

“A crime against humanity, which Russia, as the successor of the USSR, has never recognised, and for which it bears no responsibility. Evil that goes unpunished always returns. Always. Today, Russia, a terrorist state, continues to kill civilians in Ukraine, and destroys everything it can reach. And it still remains unpunished,” said Anastasiia Ogii, one of the organisers of the exhibition.

The exhibition opened in one of the institutions in the city centre and attracted the French audience. Andrii Tkach’s film “Hunger for Truth” was also screened as part of the exhibition.

By the way, this is not our first experience of collaboration with the Annecy Ukraine Association. Previously, we collaborated on the translation of the exhibition “The Uncondemned Genocide of Ukrainians Repeats”.

Merci! Association Annecy Ukraine. Thank you for your cooperation!

Photo – Association of Annecy Ukraine.