General Director of the museum Olesia Stasiuk has met with the founder of TIP Foundation Susan Guz

31 July 2018

On July 30, 2018 the President of TIP Charitable Foundation (USA, Philadelphia) Susan Guz visited the National Museum “Holodomor Victims Memorial”. General Director of the museum Olesia Stasiuk met her.

Director showed the Memorial and the Hall of Memory to the visitor, acquainted her with the history of Holodomor, and told her about the activities and the plans of the institution.

Susan shared with the plans and goals of the Foundation, which has been created this year, and, besides the main office in Philadelphia, it will have the office in Kyiv. The main purpose of the charitable organization is to look for the partners for realization of different educational and historical projects about Ukrainian history, culture and life.

The meeting ended with the discussing of the cooperation aimed at informing US citizens about the history of Holodomor in order to pass the resolutions on the recognition of Holodomor as the genocide of Ukrainian nation.

As of today, 11 states of America have adopted similar documents: Washington, Wisconsin, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Kansas.

Susan Guz is Ukrainian. All her life she has lived in the USA. Susan worked as executive assistant director of The New York Times. She is also Vice President of the U.S. Orthodox Church Parish in Philadelphia.