Happy National Flag Day of Ukraine!

23 August 2022

August 23 – National Flag Day of Ukraine.

“Dva koliory moi, dva koliory…” (Ukrainian song, “Two colors of mine, two colors…”)

Do you remember the words of a famous song? Today, the two colours that united the entire Ukrainian people are blue and yellow. The colours of peace symbolize a clear cloudless sky and a field of ripe wheat. And the colours of our national flag, which we honour today.

Our flag is not only a state symbol. This is a marker of indomitable spirit, desire for freedom, and incredible faith in one’s people. That is why the Ukrainian flag arouses great anger of our enemies, who fear above all the gene of freedom with which every Ukrainian is born. Therefore, during the years of Soviet occupation, people were sent to prison for the blue and yellow flag. And now they don’t imprison – today they kill for our flag.

Now there is no such country where the Ukrainian flag would not be recognized for its blue and yellow colours. For this, we continue to pay an extremely high price – the lives of the best sons and daughters of Ukraine. Let’s remember this!

Today, on the occasion of the holiday, state flags will be solemnly raised in all cities of Ukraine – this tradition was started in 2009. We believe that blue and yellow flags will soon fly over Mariupol, Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk, Simferopol, and other Ukrainian cities. And the sky over our Ukraine will be blue and peaceful again, and our golden fields will be fertile and generous.

May each of us be filled with pride for our flag and our country.

Do not let the faith in victory fade away!

Let’s keep in line and hold the flag more firmly in our hands!

We will rise! We will win!

Happy holiday!