Help us identify the photos!

16 January 2023

Dear friends, we need your help!

The pictures you see were made from unique photographic negatives on glass. They were discovered by our Museum team in 2020 in the Sumy region during a large-scale expedition through Ukraine aimed at video recording the memories of the Holodomor witnesses. In 2022, these unique glass negatives were transferred to the funds of our institution.

Most likely, the photos were taken in the village of Perehrestivka, Romny district, in the 1930s, some of them definitely during the Holodomor. After all, some negatives have the author’s inscriptions of the photographer, dated 1933. These shots of everyday life are incredibly valuable for history because not so many photos of that period have survived. However, at least 90 years have passed since they were taken. We see faces in these photographs, but we don’t know who these people are, we see landscapes, but we don’t know exactly where they were captured and what is in that place now.

That is why we need your help! Maybe someone will recognize their relatives or fellow villagers in these photos or will understand where exactly the pictures were taken. If you are from the Sumy region, please show the photos to your older relatives and share them on your pages and in local groups! We believe that together we will be able to learn more about these people, the life of the village at that time, and these photos in general.

If you have any information, please send us an email at [email protected] or send us a private message on our Facebook page.