hoppers of identity are now on sale!

14 March 2024

Once – banners, and now – shoppers!

In 2018, the exhibition “Holodomor: the destruction of Ukrainian identity” was exhibited in our Museum. Also, as part of the project for the 85th anniversary of the Holodomor, the branded “Trains of Ukrainian Identity” told passengers of the Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipro metro lines about prominent Ukrainians and works of art destroyed or banned during the genocide.

Over time, the banners were damaged and became unsuitable for use in exhibitions. They were written off, but the mere thought that they would end up in a landfill was unsettling.

And we decided to give the exhibition a new life! Thus, in cooperation with the upcycling project 3.14 BAN, 11 unique shoppers were created. (For those who are not aware, upcycling is the creation of new things from old things). There is only one copy of each! And they were made by hand in Kharkiv.

From March 14, bags can be purchased at the cash desk of our Museum. The price is 490 UAH.

To order from another city, please write to us at [email protected]. Please add a picture of the shopper you want to buy. We will send you payment details and reserve the product for you. Please send us the payment receipt along with the contact details and the shipment address.

Important!!! Do not pay for the order before you receive a response from the museum that the products are available!

Here, you can view our shoppers and choose yours!


⬆️ ☝️ SOLD!!!