Meeting with the Holodomor witness Oleksandra Tkach, Now Living in Australia

18 September 2019

“If a person knows about the Holodomor, they will never throw away food. It hurts to watch them neglecting bread. I still keep every piece of it,” said Oleksandra Tkach, the Holodomor witness.

An eyewitness of the Holodomor-genocide, who emigrated to Australia in the 1940s, visited the Holodomor Museum today. Within the framework of the project “Oral History of the Holodomor,” witnesses come to the museum to tell about the events personally. Moreover, Oleksandra is also one of the heroines of the photo exhibition “Voices from across the Ocean,” which is currently displayed in the museum.

In 1933, Alexander was only 2 years old, so for the most part, she got all the memories of those years from her parents and relatives, who escaped from the village to Kharkiv with little girl.

Students of the schools No. 113 and No. 133 visited the meeting. The students, amazed by Oleksandra’s sincerity, were overwhelmed by the story. “During the history lessons, it is difficult to imagine situations that do not happen today. Only here, in the museum, listening to the story of the eyewitness, there was the opportunity to understand the depth of the tragedy. It is a pity that this happened to the Ukrainians. In fact, this should not happen to anyone anywhere.”

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