Memorial guests can watch a documentary film by a Norwegian director about the Holodomor

21 January 2018

The list of films available for viewing at the National Museum “Holodomor Victims Memorial” was complemented by the work of Norwegian director Svein Bækkedal “Opening Ukraine. A sad story”.

A documentary “Discovering Ukraine. A sad story” was created in 2017 in Norway by Svein Bækkedal, who has been working for many years at the Norwegian television and tells about the history of Ukrainian genocide which is called “the Holodomor”. Since the film is oriented to the Western European viewers, the story begins with the fact that there is an independent state of Ukraine rich with different natural resources. And the people of this state experienced a terrible crime – genocide, extermination with hunger in the early 1930s, about which Western audience does not suspect. Actually, the film is aimed to tell exactly about it.


“I want my country, Norwey, to recognise this tragic event, the Holodomor, as genocide. In this way we would demonstrate respect to Ukrainian people and what they have gone through. I think that a red line of violence against Ukrainian people stretches until today. That is why this movie concerns the modern history of Ukrainians”, – the author explained the purpose of the movie.


The National Museum “Holodomor Victims Memorial” provided scientific consultation to the author in the process of script writing and filming.

The film is available in Ukrainian and English.

Special credits to Serhii Perhalskii and telecompany Pershii:UA.