Our sincerest wishes for the upcoming holidays

24 December 2022

Dear friends! 

This extremely hard year, which irrevocably changed all of us, is coming to an end. A year of losses and great hopes. A year when we became stronger, more hardened and, at the same time, more vulnerable.

Today we want to thank our military, rescuers, energy workers, doctors, and everyone who does everything possible and impossible so that we have a holiday and there is a future. And we also want to thank each of you for supporting, coming, being interested, helping and just being there.

We mentally hug everyone who lost the most precious thing in this war – family and friends. There are no comforting words, so we would like to remind you that we are here and always ready to help.

On the eve of Christmas and New Year, we are used to making wishes. Let’s do it now: let 2023 be the year of our victory. Let every mother embrace her son and child embrace her father. May everyone who has lost a home find it. And let this be the last Christmas we cannot celebrate with our beloved ones.

May you have peaceful and calm holidays; warmth and cosiness to you.

We believe in Ukraine, we believe in the Armed Forces, and we believe in ourselves!