“Parallels” project for Holodomor Memorial Day: OPEN CALL

20 October 2022

The modern world is flooded with gloomy colours – the crimes of the Russian Federation inflicted on the Ukrainian people are immeasurably painful. The news of the war of the 21st century is broadcast live on the Internet. On the Internet live, Russia is committing genocide against Ukrainians.

Today, Ukrainians are going through such a traumatic experience in parallel with the memory of their ancestors about the past historical events of Ukraine: repression, and Holodomor, one of which was in 1932-1933. Voices of courage, which, despite the fear of abuse and terrible death, brought us the facts and testimonies about the Holodomor in Ukraine – today, they sound louder!

The memory of the Holodomor is more than memories of traumatic, tragic events of the past. Its task is to stimulate conscience, encourage action, to confront modern risks and manifestations of genocide. Active memory requires a certain amount of analytics. Deepening during events, personalization, reflection – all that is commonly called “rethinking”.
The Museum’s mission is to justify the need and involve the broadest possible audience in the process of active remembering. For this, we are looking for new and unusual forms of topic representation.

One of the tools for representing the Holodomor theme this year was the use of the art form of collage.

Collage is a visual method that involves comparing and composing contents, textures, and forms.

The exhibition “Parallels” by CUTOUT COLLAGE is a series of collages made by artists as a reflection and understanding of the history of the Holodomor in the context of the modern liberation war and the search for similarities and differences between the historical events of the early 1930s and 2022.

The National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide carefully opens access to the digital materials of its archives to collage artists for creative interpretation. The exhibition will feature analogue and digital collages from the residents of CUTOUT COLLAGE STUDIO, the CUTOUT LOVERS community and the winners of the OPEN-CALL selection.

The purpose of the collaboration: research, reflection and expression of emotions through collage; seeing the parallels of the claims and crimes of the “Russian Empire” against Ukrainians, as well as the defence and insubordination that the Ukrainians used to carry out, and carry out in response. Compare, contrast and draw parallels between the events of 1932-33 and 2022. To attract the attention of a broad audience and involve them in rethinking and analyzing the genocide of the 20th century and the genocide that is happening today.

OPEN-CALL (only digital collage):

Important! COLLAGE ANIMATION will be preferred in the selection.

Based on a scientific concept, in which parallels will be drawn (comparing historical episodes similar in content and essence to 1932-1933 and 2022), as well as visual and documentary materials provided by the Museum, representing the events of 1932-1933, create digital collages that will be arranged in the exhibition “Parallels”. It will be held in the Hall of Memory of the Holodomor Museum. In addition, the artworks will form the basis for this year’s Museum’s communications about Memorial Day, i.e. will be presented on the website and social networks.

One-time application fee: UAH 300
The contribution gives the participant access to the exclusive archives of the Holodomor Museum and covers organizational costs.
Contributes to the development of a project that raises social issues. Non-refundable if works are not selected.
Payment is possible via PrivatBank card, Bank Mono, or PayPal. Details in Google Forms.


1. The first stage. Fill out the registration form on Google Forms and pay the fee.
2. Get access to visual materials and a comparison table by mail.

3. Create thematic collages. Accepted from 1 to 5 works.
4. The second stage. Submit collages for participation in the exhibition via Google Forms until 11.11.2022 inclusive.
​For adult Ukrainians.

NECESSARILY! In submitted works, indicate the source and authorship of the materials used.
You can use materials from the museum archive and search for other materials personally, use your own family archives, and collaborate with photographers of contemporary events.

OPEN-CALL START: 14.10.2022

DEADLINE: 11.11.2022



It can be fully digital animation or a scanned and animated paper collage/stop motion.
Format: mp4, maximum size 50Mb, length 1 minute (horizontally or vertically).


created on any digital medium.

Format: 150 dpi; 1754x2480px – A3, 1240×1754 – A4 (horizontally or vertically).

*Only Workshop Residents and CUTOUT LOVERS participants can submit original paper collages.

Size of works: A4.