Session of the Expert Scientific Council of the Museum

22 February 2021

A plenary session of the Expert Scientific Council of the National Museum of the Holodomor Genocide, an advisory body that provides scientific support for the preparation of the second stage of the Holodomor Museum.

At the meeting, members discussed

  • the scientific concept of the exposition plan of the Holodomor Museum,
  • thematic exposition scheme,
  • scheme of spatial solution,
  • topics and subtopics that will be covered in the second phase of the Museum,
  • search for exhibits, archival documents and materials for the exhibition.

Nicholas Kotcherha, Chairman of the Expert Scientific Council and President of the Holodomor Genocide Foundation (USA), stressed the importance of coordinated work on the exhibition, coverage of all aspects of the Holodomor and joint efforts of scientists and researchers to create a modern and informative museum about the Holodomor genocide around the world.

Council members:

  • Roman Serbyn, Doctor of History, Professor Emeritus of the University of Quebec (Montreal, Canada);
  • Robert van Voren, PhD, sovietologist, human rights activist, Secretary General of the international organization “Global Initiative in Psychiatry”, lecturer (Kaunas, Lithuania);
  • Semyon Gluzman, President of the Association of Psychiatrists of Ukraine;
  • Lydiia Tkachuk, President of the Ukrainian National Museum (Chicago, USA);
  • Victoria Malko, Doctor of Education, coordinator of the Holodomor study program at the Department of History, California State University (Fresno, USA);
  • Yulia Romanenko, PhD student at Opole University (Opole, Poland);
  • Andrii Kozytskyi, PhD in History, Associate Professor of the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of Foreign Countries, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Chief Scientific Consultant of the Project;
  • Volodymyr Serhiichuk, Doctor of History, Professor, Head of the Department of World Ukrainian History, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Chairman of the International Association of Holodomor Genocide Researchers;
  • Svitlana Markova, Doctor of History, Director of the Holodomor Research Institute.