The assortment of branded museum souvenirs was expanded

19 May 2017

Starting May 2017 the visitors of the National Museum “Holodomor victims’ Memorial” have the opportunity to buy branded souvenirs as a memory about their visit to the museum in our box office: eco-pens, eco-notepads with museum’s logo “Candle’s flame” and magnets with the image of the Memorial.

There are souvenir shops in almost each museum in the world, and their assortment delight the most demanding eye. Each souvenir from museum is a gift and a memory which serves as a promoting tool for the museum and draws attention to it from the side of new visitors. Therefore, we are not an exception, because every year we have more than 200 thousand visitors, and according to the reviews, some of them want to buy something as a memory about the museum as a place of honor of 7 million Ukrainians killed during Holodomor-Genocide 1932-1933.