The book “Ukrainian ‘Holocaust.’ 1933” was handed over to the Holodomor Museum

21 December 2023

On Tuesday, 19 December, a volunteer from Canada, Serhii Kozak, visited the Holodomor Museum. He donated to the funds of our institution a rare publication – the book “Ukrainian ‘Holocaust’. 1933” by Vasyl Hryshko. , published in the diaspora in 1978. It was written and printed for the 45th anniversary of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in New York-Toronto. The author of the publication is a member of the OUN (b) and a researcher of the history of Ukraine in the 20th century. Vasyl Hryshko – on the basis of personal testimonies and documents and scientifically analysed historical facts, took the first and, at that time, the most significant step in the direction of documenting Moscow’s criminal anti-Ukrainian policy.

Deputy Director General Hanna Sokyrina met with Serhii Kozak. She thanked the donator for the given publication and constant attention to our institution. Already earlier, he had given the Museum several copies of the newspaper “Homin of Ukraine” published in Canada, the book “HOLODOMOR. The Ukrainian genocide 1932-1933”, as well as other items for the stock collection.