The Holodomor Museum exhibition opened in Sweden

17 November 2023

On Saturday, 11 November, the exhibition “The Uncondemned Genocide of Ukrainians Repeats” opened in the Main Library of the city of Linköping (Sweden). It tells the world the story of an evil that went unpunished and has returned today to finish what began almost a hundred years ago.

The exhibition was prepared by the Holodomor Museum, the translation was made thanks to the organisation of the non-governmental organization Nordic Ukraine Forum. In Linköping, the exhibition was organised by the Ukrainian association Ukrainska Föreningen Östergötland and will be on display in the period from 11 November to 2 December in the Main Library in Linköping.

In addition, the exhibition project will be shown in Uppsala at the Gottsunda Library until November 24. The exhibition is organised by Oksana Dudarko.

We sincerely thank our partners for organising these events and spreading the truth about the Holodomor in the world!

Photo – Daria Sivirin.