The Holodomor Museum joined the Flat Planet project

3 June 2024

Flat Planet is a Ukrainian travel application with audio tours around the world. The major part of the application is routed through cities. Currently, you can view tours of 99 cities worldwide (there are different routes for different cities) in Ukrainian, English, French, German and Spanish. Audio plays in reference to geocoordinates.

In addition to the cities, the developers plan to launch tours of 10 museums and galleries in Ukraine, as well as 10 museums in Europe or the USA. Users will be able to listen to audio and read information linked to QR codes or exhibit numbers in five languages.

The Holodomor Museum became one of the first Ukrainian museums to join the project. Audio recordings with information about the Museum and exhibits presented in the Hall of Memory are published in the application. With the Flat Planet app, you can listen to audio about surrogates, Torgsin, the resistance, saviour Oleksii Vobly and other stories. In addition, several stories about the 2022-2024 genocide exhibits are for your attention. You can listen to the information at home from your cell phone or by QR codes at the Museum. Over time, the Museum will be able to add and change the contents. So please download the app and follow its updates and museum news.

To download:  

Currently, the content prepared by the Museum is free.

The founders plan to turn the app into a platform where people can publish their content and earn from its use.