The Holodomor Museum participated in the symposium “The Most Documented War”

5 June 2023

From June 1 to 3, the symposium “The Most Documented War” organized by the City History Centre took place in Lviv. Representatives of projects involved in documenting the current Russian-Ukrainian war, representatives of the public sector, museum workers, human rights defenders and scientists were invited to the event. Mykhailo Kostiv, head of the Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Research Department, took part in the symposium on behalf of the Holodomor Museum.

Mykhailo Kostiv joined the discussion of important issues related to the collection of evidence and the preservation of information about the modern Russian-Ukrainian war. In particular, the topic of the importance of research was raised, taking into account the genocidal component in the actions of the Putin regime.

As part of the event, a series of panel discussions took place: “Testimony about yourself. Motivations, strategies, challenges in documenting “here and now”; “Multiplicity of experiences and the ethics of documenting trauma and danger”; “To see the war. Visible, visualized, unremarkable”; “With what evidence is justice possible? Human rights and recording of crimes”; “How to turn archives about destruction into a resource for reconstruction?”; “War as a legacy”; “What will we be able to tell about the war when it becomes the past?”; “Ethical documentation and sustainable preservation of war archives. On the way to creating a white paper”.

We will remind you that the Holodomor Museum also records the testimonies of eyewitnesses of this war, starting the project “Those who saw the darkness”. In addition, we investigate and study the influence of Russian propaganda in the project “Propaganda that kills”.