The Holodomor Museum received a corset, inside of which ears of grain sewn were found

30 March 2023

A few weeks ago, the story of Ukrainian Victoria Kulko, who currently lives in Great Britain, appeared on the Internet. She purchased a Ukrainian corset in the open access. After receiving it, Victoria found the remains of ears of grain in the sewn pocket. She told about the finding on social networks, and the story gained publicity.

The employees of our museum contacted Victoria, and she happily agreed to donate the corset to our museum for free.

Having studied the short history of the purchase of this item, we can definitely say that Victoria did not engage in any kind of spoiling or deliberate distortion of the item. And after receiving our offer to transfer the corset, she treated it as positively as possible, took on all the costs and arranged the transfer as soon as possible.

Our museum team will involve ethnologists in order to determine the exact age of the corset and experts in palaeobotany to date the ears of grain themselves as accurately as possible.

In any case, we are extremely grateful for such a gift to the funds of our Museum and express our deepest gratitude to Victoria for her contribution.