Ukrainian designer Yurko Gutsulyak’s graphic works were transferred to the funds of the Holodomor Museum

2 March 2023

“I heard the opinion in Canada that the coverage of this tragedy in visual materials cannot be aesthetic. That is, beauty has no right to divert attention from sadness. I totally disagree with this statement, and I reckon that memorial day is not for pretending to be sad or to be genuinely sad. The most important thing for me is to remember and understand the reasons and to be aware of the consequences that have been affecting the fate of Ukraine to this day. Realistic coverage of the Holodomor is certainly terrifying but shifts the focus only to physical death too, or “dry” statistics that one does not want to believe. Therefore, the understanding that entire generations are broken, layers of culture lost, and the connections of creative energy severed. The best metaphor seems to me to be a broken tree of life,” Yurko Gutsulyak thinks.

The graphic works transferred to the museum have the following names:
  1. “Ukraine is embroidered with crosses.” Exterminated. Tortured. It was as if death itself was embroidering.”
  2. “A child’s mischief, parents’ comfort, grandparents’ wisdom – forever silenced”.
  3. “Nothing to eat. No one to serve. No one at the table. “
  4. “The broken tree of life.
Yurko Gutsulyak is a Ukrainian designer, owner of studios in New York, Toronto and Kyiv, and laureate of 150 international awards in design and advertising. His works are published in leading graphic design publications around the world and exhibited in museums in France, Germany, the USA, Poland, Mexico and China.
The museum thanks Yurko for the gift and his creative contribution to preserving the memory of the Holodomor genocide and appeals to everyone who cares: if you have survived photos, documents, works of art or any other things related to the Holodomor-genocide period, please write to us by e-mail [email protected], in personal messages of pages in social networks or call +38 044 254 45 12. Every such thing should be saved.