Within the framework of the exhibition "Church…" the film was shown

10 June 2019

In the museum, on the big screen, the movie of the TV channel UA/TV “Ukrainian Church in Soviet times” from the cycle “PRO et CONTRA” was shown.

The film tells about the struggle against Orthodoxy in Ukraine in the 20th century as the destruction of Ukrainian life. It was already easier to create the Holodomor because people did not have the support to resist. The mechanism of the destruction of the Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephalous Church and Greek Catholic Church at the beginning of its creation in the 1920s and in the 1940s is shown as the destruction of the Ukrainian nation. Similarly, human rights activist Raphael Lemkin saw the genocidal nature of destroying the Ukrainian church, just as it was during the Holodomor.

Students of the international relations program of one of the Kiev universities came to the screening. In order to understand the present and to build a future, one must know and remember the past.

We express our special thanks to the UA/TV channel for supporting our initiative to display this film in the museum for educational purposes.

The event was held within the framework of the exhibition “The Church on the Defense the Christian and the National”, which will be exhibited in the museum until 20 August 2019.