Candle of memory on Wikipedia. Tell us more about the Holodomor genocide

29 November 2023

From 25 November to 4 December 2023, we invite you to join the campaign to light not only a candle in the window but a virtual candle in memory of the Holodomor genocide on Wikipedia, the world’s biggest online encyclopedia, as well.

On the project page, “Candle of memory of the Holodomor victims of 1932-1933,” there is a list of articles that can be started or improved.

It is crucial to create quality articles in the Ukrainian Wikipedia, as well as in other language sections so that they contain information about this milestone in our history. For example, there has been no article about Dzhun Oleksandr Prokopovych or an article list about Regulatory documents contributed to the Holodomor yet.

Look at the Wikipedia article about your home village, city or town – does it mention the Holodomor? Are there data on the number of victims, cultural heritage sites associated with those events, other data?

You can also upload photos from commemoration events to Wikimedia and add information about cultural heritage sites related to the memory of the Holodomor to articles about settlements, illustrate them, create full-fledged articles (provided that there are enough sources).

Ukrainian Wikipedia has a category of articles called “Holodomor”. You can improve the articles there or go deeper and see what topics have already been covered or what sources the authors have used. For example, the article “Holodomor in Ukraine 1932-1933” contains many sources and lots of links that allow you to cover the topic as a whole. The article itself needs significant revision and improvement.

It is necessary to inform the world about this complex page of our history. To tell who researched it, which laws and regulations of the regime made millions of deaths possible, and which films and books will tell the modern viewer/reader more. If we do it efficiently and as completely as possible, there is a chance that we will save evidence of the regime’s crimes, tell about its victims, and the candle of memory will not go out.

If you have not written an article in Wikipedia before, you can familiarize yourself with the cheat sheet or brochure for editing. There are also videos that can help you register, improve or create an article and illustrate it.