Exhibition of graphic works by Mykola Bondarenko "Ukraine – 1933: Cookbook" opened in Sumy

13 May 2018

On May 10, the Sumy Interregional Higher Professional College opened the world-famous exhibition of graphic works by Mykola Bondarenko “Ukraine – 1933: A Cookbook”, the resource AllSumi.com reports.

M. Bondarenko’s exhibition is a collection of 89 historical engravings with recipes for survival during the Holodomor of 1932-33.

“Every work is a man’s view of a window from the house. What do we see now? Greens, the sun, the Ukrainian flag flourishes. What did people see in 1932-33? Window and at the same time a cross. On the black part of the window is the recipe for survival, on the light – the plants that continued life, and … cats, rats, mice, beetles, worms, that Ukrainians do not eat under other conditions. On the second floor – an exhibition of philosophical graphic works by a famous artist from Konotop Marina Shaposhnichenko,” – the organizer of the exhibition Lyudmila Goveyn comments.

All interested can get acquainted with the exhibition during May – June 2018. Every Wednesday, at 15.00, students of the colleges will hold a master class for the production of “matorzenyky” by prescriptions of M. Bondarenko.