“Hunger is a weapon” – an exhibition about the Holodomor continues in Riga

4 September 2023

At the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia (Riga), the exhibition “Hunger is a weapon” is currently underway, which tells about the Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine. Anyone can learn it since the exposition of the exhibition is located in the street space – near the entrance to the museum. Inscriptions are available in Ukrainian, Latvian and English.

The project curator is Natalia Lavrova, a representative of the American-Ukrainian Business Council. The basis of the exhibition is the art collection “Holodomor through the eyes of Ukrainian artists”. It began to form back in 1998 and today contains about four hundred works. Among them are posters, sketches, and full-fledged paintings – both older and more modern.

“The purpose of this project is to draw attention to past and present tragedies in Ukraine. The Holodomor genocide was the most hidden tragedy of the 20th century. We are convinced that other crimes became possible because Stalin managed to conceal the Holodomor so well. At that time, Ukraine was left alone with this tragedy, Natalia Lavrova emphasizes. “For us, the memory of the Holodomor is important not only as a tribute to those who were starved to death by the communist regime but also because, regretfully, the unpunished crime is always repeated.”

This time, it is repeated as a large-scale aggression carried out by Russia against Ukraine. Therefore, the exhibition is complemented by photos taken by photojournalists from various countries after February 24, 2022, as evidence of a new genocide against the Ukrainian nation.

The author of the photo is Natalka Pozniak.