“My War”: tell your story

15 March 2022

At this hardest time for the whole of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, the Association for Innovative and Digital Education, and Totonis have created an important platform, My War.

With its help, every Ukrainian, as a witness to the brutal war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, can describe their story, present real facts, and personal experiences.

Residents of all countries of the world can see and read these facts in their native languages ​​and express their support for our country by real actions.

In addition to the story, you can add video or photo confirmations of war crimes committed by the Russian military in Ukraine to the platform.

Join now – www.mywar.in.ua.

What do Ukrainians write?

Rodion Tarasenko, developer of e-learning courses, Kyiv:

“From now on, every morning starts with a lot of messages from telegram channels. As they say: “My morning does not start with coffee.” More than half a thousand messages. At two o’clock. Every day. You can go crazy! But life is as it is, and I don’t know anything else now. However, I will not say that it is bad. On the contrary, after watching the incredible victories and efforts of our army, I am proud of our people, defenders, and our country. Pride is my feeling forever. We will not give the occupier any chance on our land! I am also waging my own war but on the information front. Thanks to the efforts of the Cyber ​​Army of Ukraine, many sites of the occupation regime of the invaders were neutralized. I am glad that I have also made an effort to our resistance. “

Victoria Novikova, Kyiv:

“Night. We run to hide in the subway, quickly, on the broken glass from the explosion, waiting for the next blows from the “racist liberators.” There are few people, but they seem to have heard nothing; they stand and chatter. And here are some dangerous minutes – and we are in hiding. Coldly. Scary of the unknown. People wake up and arrive. With children, with pets, with families. Hour-two-three, sirens, again and again, people are increasing or decreasing. There is a subway, every passing train, the echo of which resembles the sound of approaching airstrikes.

Inna Tokareva, copywriter, Mykolaiv:

“I have never hated in my life. I was angry – yes, I was offended – yes, I didn’t understand – yes, I tried to prove something – yes. And now I HATE. Openly and unequivocally. In the cellar, it’s so cold, you freeze in a quarter of an hour, even dressed like an Eskimo. It’s cool to be loyal, tolerant, and “let’s not be categorical” when you sleep in your bed in your pyjamas and read the news sipping your morning coffee. My pyjamas slept without me. And my warm terry sheet. Instead, I lay in my outer clothes and boots on the bed and ran to the cellar from the explosions and sirens. “