Плакат про петицію щодо голодомору

Petition: Add the Word “Holodomor” to the Largerst Ukrainian Dictionaries

25 September 2020

The Holodomor National Awareness Tour, a Canadian government-sponsored campaign that informs people about the Holodomor, has launched a new project. It aims to promote the word “Holodomor” in leading English dictionaries.

Six weeks ago, on July 21, 2020, the organization launched an online petition calling for including the word “Holodomor” to the leading English dictionaries – Oxford, Merriam-Webster and the online dictionary Dictionary.com, – Radio Liberty informs. 

The interim results of the campaign are impressive:

  • More than 11,900 people from 122 countries signed the Petition, including more than 1,600 signatories from Ukraine;
  • Among the signatories, there are also two Presidents of Ukraine and former First Lady Kateryna Yushchenko;
  • Movie, radio and television stars put their signatures, including Bruce Willis and the film crew of “Bitter Harvest” (2017);
  • In Canada, more than 3,400 people have signed the Petition. The Deep Truth campaign appeals to the country’s political leadership to sign it;
  • Since the beginning of the campaign, queries with the word “Holodomor” have increased by 180% in search engines and by more than 240% in social networks. These indicators are very important for influencing publishers to include the word “Holodomor” in dictionaries;
  • Radio Free Europe, Kyiv Post, Yahoo, Strategy Magazine and other world media have already written about the signature collection campaign (www.deeptruth.ca).

Anyone can sign the petition by following the link. We ask every Ukrainian to sign it.

You can learn more about the campaign by following the link.