The book about Gareth Jones was published in Czech

6 March 2024

A book by Polish writer and journalist Miroslav Wlekly about Gareth Jones was published in Czech. The author reported this on his Facebook page.

“A wonderful reporting story about the journalist Ikar, who paid with his life for the pursuit of the truth. And all this is against the background of the totalitarian madness of the 20th century and the Holodomor unleashed by Stalin – the Great Famine in Ukraine, which Gareth Jones tried to reveal to the world,” journalist Marcin Meller writes about the publication.

In the Czech translation, the book was published under the title “Testimony of the Great Famine”. The touching story of a journalist who revealed the shocking truth about the famine in Ukraine to the whole world.” Czech became the fourth language in which the book has been published.

We will remind you that in Poland and Ukraine, the book by Miroslav Wlekly was published under the title “Gareth Jones. The man who knew too much.” In Germany, it is called “Gareth Jones. Chronicle of famine in Ukraine 1932-1933”. In November 2019, the Ukrainian translation of the book was presented at the Holodomor Museum.

Gareth Richard Vaughan Jones is a Welsh journalist who, for the first time in the Western press, declared about the Holodomor genocide under his own name. The Manchester Guardian and the New York Evening Post, among other media, published his report. He died under strange circumstances in 1935 in Manchuria.