A candle on a windowsill

Workshop “Let’s Not Extinguish a Candle of Memory!” for children 5-12 years old

11 October 2017

Audience: children 5 to 12 years old.

The workshop lasts for 45 minutes.

The workshop consists of a lecture and a practical part. During the first part, participants learn about the role and meaning of candles in the traditional Ukrainian culture, as well as the tradition of commemorating millions of Ukrainians killed during the Holodomor—the “Candle in the Window” campaign. Then children make memorial candles. Each participant takes a hand-made candle home, so that together with their family, on the fourth Saturday in November—the National Holodomor Victims Memorial Day Ukraine—to light a candle in the window in memory of the millions of Ukrainians killed by the Holodomor and support the established tradition.

The museum provides the participants of with all the necessary materials.

To register for the workshop, please call (044) 254-45-11.

The workshop costs 80 UAH for a group of up to 5 people, 160 UAH for a group of up to 12 people, 230 UAH for a group of 13 to 20 people + 10 UAH per participant. The participants must also buy entrance tickets to the museum.