Repressed spirituality: The destruction of religion, churches and traditional rituality in Ukraine by of the communist regime

Exhibitions 31 December 1969 - 31 December 1969

The exhibition was prepared by the International Charitable Fund “Ukraine 3000” (Head of the Supervisory Board Ekaterina Yushchenko) within the “History Lessons” program together with the State Archives Department of the Security Service of Ukraine and the Kyiv Department of the Ukrainian Union “Memorial” named after VasylStus and with the blessing of the ArchbishopSupreme of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church LubomyrHusar.

The exhibition consists of 20 posters. The purpose of the exhibition is to inform the world and the Ukrainian community about the destruction of the Ukrainian Church (Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church), religiosity and traditional ritualismby the communist authorities, as they threatened the newly formed Soviet empire. The exhibition also tells about the underground functioning of the church in the 1950-1980s and its revival during the years of Ukraine’s independence.



Candidate of Sciences Olesya Stasyuk,

Candidate of Sciences Lesya Gasidzhak



Candidate of Sciences Volodymyr Vyatrovych

Oleksiy Kopytko

Roman Krutsyk

Doctor of sciences Iryna Prelovska

Ivan Gel

Doctor of sciences Volodymyr Pashchenko

Candidate of Sciences Serhii Kokin


The materials used in the exhibition are from:

Central State CinePhotoPhonoArchives of Ukraine named after H. Pshenychnyi

State Archives Department of the Security Service of Ukraine

Centre for the Study of the Liberation Movement

Ivan Honchar Museum (National Centre of Folk Culture

Kyiv Department of the Ukrainian Union “Memorial” named after Vasyl Stus

Kyiv Scientificand Methodological Centerfor the Protection, Restoration and Use of Historical, Cultural and Reserved Territories and Reserved Areas

Institute of the History of Church of Ukrainian Catholic University

Lviv Museum of the History of Religion



Tetiana Zhuravska, Olha Vaschevska