Why does Russia steal grain? A (non)new crime history

27 August 2022 - 30 October 2022

February 24, 2022 reminded Ukrainians of a painful fact: Russia seeks the complete destruction of independent Ukraine and subjugation of the people. And what it failed to do almost a century ago, it repeats again.

The criminal’s methods remain the same – Russia is once again using grain, Ukrainian grain, as a weapon in a war of extermination. The greatest wealth of our land, which feeds not only Ukraine but also millions of people around the world, the enemy is trying to take away again.

This story is familiar to everyone: the Holodomor genocide in 1932-1933 was prepared and implemented precisely because Ukrainians were deprived of the opportunity to be masters of their land. By taking away this innate right and desire, the Bolshevik authorities succeeded in starving millions of Ukrainians. However, history will not repeat itself this time.

For the Independence Day of Ukraine, the Museum has prepared an information and exhibition project, “WHY DOES RUSSIA STEAL GRAIN? (NON) A NEW HISTORY OF CRIME”. The project tells about the price of freedom and independence and the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation throughout the ages, including in the modern war.

At the stands, you can see archival photos of the Holodomor era and images of the modern war. You can familiarize yourself with historical facts that explain the causes and consequences of Moscow’s genocidal policy, learn about the importance of Ukrainian grain in the world and why Russia is again resorting to intimidation with famine. The exposition also includes ears of grain from the fields of the Mykolaiv and Sumy regions burnt by Russian shells.

In the Hall of Memory, visitors can see unique footage shot by the association of independent cinematographers “Babylon’13” during the 2022 sowing season, as well as testimonies of Zaporizhzhia farmers who, risking their own lives, saved Ukraine and the states which depend on Ukrainian bread from the food and economic crisis.

A separate part of the project is the installation “LUNCH PREPARED BY RUSSIA”. It is a picture of a metaphorical meal that will never happen because of Russian aggression. Instead of the main course, there is a burned grain from Ukrainian fields; instead of treats, there is footage of war crimes committed by Russia on Ukrainian soil. The installation is at the OCTO Tower space (Klovska metro station, Mechnykova Street, 5) from September 12.