Visualy impaired visitors in our museum

Audio excursion for visually impaired people

18 December 2020

Quarantine restrictions encourage cultural institutions to find new ways to communicate with the audience, so now everyone can visit the Holodomor Museum online.

This time we offer an audio tour for visually impaired visitors.

We were inspired by the idea of ​​adapting the tour for visually impaied visitors during the “Touch the Memory” project (supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation). The audio tour is posted on the museum’s website, which is a continuation of another project this year, implemented with the support of the UCF, “Accessible Site—Accessible Museum.”

The tour lasts for 35 minutes. It contains an audio description of the exhibits and the museum space, audio fragments of eyewitness accounts of the Holodomor and a summary of the history of the genocide of 1932–1933.

The text was adapted by Galyna Golubeva, the tour was voiced by Tetiana Soproniuk, and recorded by Liubov Martynets, fragments of testimony were selected by Olha Vyhodovanets.

We are grateful to the scientist Andriy Zelinsky for consultations and testing of the audio tour, as well as to the participants of the virtual club of the Kyiv Center for the Blind, at one of the meetings of which the audio tour was tested.

For visually impaired visitors, our exhibition contains fragments of documents written in Braille, tactile layouts and images, accompanied by QR-codes with links to the audio description of the exhibits.

We always welcome our visitors online and offline.

See you at the Holodomor Museum!