4 New Books about the Holodomor to Be Presented

13 December 2019

At the end of the year, the Holodomor Museum presents its work performed during the year — the editions that are a topical and new word in the study of the genocide of Ukrainians.

On December 17, at 1:00 pm, the Holodomor Museum will host a presentation of 4 historical editions about the Holodomor Genocide of 1932–1933. Each of them is dedicated to different aspects of the crime of genocide against Ukrainians.

At the presentation, scholars and writers will analyze the terminology and myths regarding the Holodomor, consider the historical origin of the words “Ukraine”, “Rus”, “Russia”, and also, through the memories of eyewitnesses from the Kyiv region, tell about the realities of 1932–1933.

Myths about the Holodomor is a popular science publication that aims to refute the main myths about the Holodomor in Ukraine. On the basis of scholar arguments, the ideological purpose of every myth, intentionally imposed by Moscow for almost a century to eradicate the genocidal nature of the Holodomor crime, was analyzed.

Holodomor Genocide: Terminology is an edition of the most commonly used terms related to the crime of the Holodomor genocide. About 20,000 books, brochures, articles have already been written about this crime, and 17 countries have recognized the Holodomor as a genocide of the Ukrainian people. However, when some events remain topical for a long time, the terms and their meaning are blurred. The brochure includes 93 terms covering the most basic concepts of the Holodomor.

Ukraine and the Ukrainians. The Name as a Battlefield is a popular science publication by Viktor Brekhunenko, professor, researcher and director of the Holodomor Research Institute. The book explores the origin of the self-name “Ukraine”and its transformation into the only name of the Ukrainian world, traces the emergence of “Ukrainians” and “Ukrainian people” terms as identity. “Ukraine”, “Rus”, “Russia” — how did these concepts emerge and correlate and how did their semantic content change over time?

The book Saved Spring. Memories stands out from the previous list by its artistic content. The authors of the book, Halyna Tarnavska and Ivan Mykhalevych, tell the stories and recollections of the witnesses from Tetiyiv district. This locality in the Kyiv region suffered the greatest losses.

Presentation speakers:

Olesia Stasiuk — ethnologist, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Director General of the National Museum of the Holodomor-Genocide,

Viktor Brekhunenko — historian, professor, Director of the Holodomor Museum branch — the Holodomor Research Institute,

Mykola Herasymenko — Honored Lawyer of Ukraine, Holodomor-genocide researcher,

Halyna Tarnavska — the author of the book Saved Spring. Memoirs,

Ivan Mykhalevich — Ukrainian teacher, local historian, public figure, co-author of the book Saved Spring. Memoirs.

The presentation will be moderated by Iryna Batyrieva — Candidate of Historical Sciences, ethnologist.

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