Постер до лекції дотик на пам'ять

Lecture “Psychology of Visually Impaired People” within the “Touch the Memory” Project

21 July 2020

What is typhlopsychology, what does it study and why is it important to understand its basics?

Peculiarities of psychology of visually impaired people, sensations and types of perception — these and related topics will be discussed by Olha Sviet, a specialist in accessibility and typhlopedagogy.

As part of the Holodomor Museum’s “Touch of Memory” project, we will hold an open online lecture for employees of cultural institutions.

We believe that cultural spaces should be accessible to everyone, which is why for the first time in Ukraine the project will provide an opportunity for the blind to “see” archival photos taken in 1932–33, listen to unique eyewitnesses’ accounts of the Holodomor, read archival documents, and explore the museum.

Together with the NGO “Cultural Geographies” and typhlopedagog Olha Sviet, our team will master the skills of working with visually impaired people to create a museum program and improve the service of our visitors.

We invite our colleagues, as well as all those interested in the topic of accessibility, to join the online lecture in order to create accessibility experiences through knowledge, skills and abilities.

Participation is free.

To register for the online lecture, please fill out the form.

You will receive a confirmation of registration, a reminder, and a link to the ZOOM meeting.