Meeting with Nadiia Mudrenok, the witness of the artificial famine of 1946-47

12 February 2019

Stories and memories should be told and heard. Therefore, in the new year, we continue the series of meetings with people who survived the Holodomor and witnessed the artificial mass starvation of 1946-47 within the framework of “Oral History” project.

This time, Mudrenok Nadiiaa Vasylivna (born in 1938), who became the witness of the mass famine of 1946-47, will share her memories. Her stories are the” human face” of the facts we know from archival documents or statistics about the events of 1946-47, which, however, until the collapse of the Soviet Union, were ignored and silenced. Concerning this tragedy, the concept of “years of post-war devastation,” “temporarily difficult life of the population of the USSR,” etc., were used.

Mrs. Nadiia’s memories reflect the truth of the life of the period, which few can tell us now. This is a unique opportunity in a dialog form to ask questions and get an answer about such a life, which we now find difficult to imagine – the long absence of food, artificially created by the leadership of the (Soviet) state which you live in. After the declassification of many secret documents during the Independence period, the objective presence of starvation on the territory of Ukraine became indisputable.

The perpetrators of this famine are exposed, but millions of human lives would not be returned. The only thing left is to listen to stories in order to know and prevent repetition of this kind of events. So, we invite you to this unique and warm meeting with the famine witness Nadiia Mudrenok, which will be held on February 18 (Monday) at 14:30. Entrance is free. Registration is required: