Special Project: Course of Lectures in the Framework of World Famous Tintin Comic Book Presentation in Ukraine

4 November 2019

On October 23, the Holodomor Museum together with PNZL Publishing House presented the Belgium comic book Tintin. Twentieth Century Reporter in the Country of Soviets to Ukrainian audience.

The first European comic book hero travels around the world, risks his life while conquering Tibet, returns the scepter to King Ottoquar, frees Professor Turnesol from the Inca tribe. He begins his journey from the USSR! The 24-book series began with an album about the Soviet Union and its totalitarian regime, including the famine and collectivization. A cult character of Belgian and European culture witnessed the famine of 1921–23 in Ukraine. That is why it is so important that this young man’s adventures be known to the Ukrainian reader.

As part of the presentation of the edition, the Holodomor Museum will host a series of lectures devoted to the cult edition.

Entrance is free upon pre-registration: https://forms.gle/fsforLPP6KxhuUfH9

Day Time Lecturer Topic
November 14 13:00 Fedir Balandin — main curator of Anne de Kyiv Fest International Art Festival “Tenten in Ukrainian. Cult Literature Hero as the Eyewitness to the Epoch”
November 16 14:00 Oleksandr Irvanets — writer “The Holodomor in World Literature”
November 20 14:00 Yurko Pozaiak — poet and editor of the album Tintin. Twentieth Century Reposter in the Country of Soviets “Who Are You, Tintin?”
November 22 14:00 Ivan Riabchii — translator, writer, director of PNZL Publishing House “Frankophone Literature as the Witness to the Ukrainian History”
November 29 14:00 Yehor Oliesov — producer of the movie “Price of Truth” “Jones of Tintin? History of the Eyewitnesses”
December 5 14:00 Oles Sanin — film director, the author of “The Guide” movie “‘The Guide’ and Its Time”
Date to be specified 14:00 Irma Vitovska — Honoured Artist of Ukraine “Strong Ukrainian Women and Lack of Feminity in Tintin Books”