A Memorandum with Guides Guild

9 February 2021

The National Museum of the Holodomor Genocide has signed a memorandum with the NGO “Guild of Professional Guides and Translators.”

In cooperation, museum staff and guides will hold events, organize educational events and share experiences.

Foreign tourists get acquainted with the culture and past of Ukraine by interacting with the city and people. An important component of the excursion historical narrative is the theme of the Holodomor genocide.

Experts on the Holodomor will share advice on how to talk about the genocide of Ukrainians and what equivalents to choose for Ukrainian terminology, as well as advise guides on museum and historical issues.

Guides Guild is a public organization created to unite professional guides and translators, promote professional activities, protect their economic, legal and professional rights and interests, provide educational, scientific and educational activities to promote the development and popularization of Ukraine and Kyiv as tourist objects at the domestic and world level, introduction of modern achievements in providing tourist services according to European standards, development and strengthening of business cooperation of members of the organization with representatives of the tourist market of Ukraine.