Collage made of photos which show the work onto the tactile objects

Adapted Tour and Educational Lesson

16 October 2020

Dear friends, we have adapted our tour and educational class for people with visual impairments!

For 4 months, the museum team trained to work with visually impaired visitors and adapted cultural products together with specialists in inclusion and accessibility.

For the first time in Ukraine, blind and partially sighted people can “see” archival photos taken in 1932–33, listen to unique eyewitnesses’ accounts of the Holodomor, read archival documents and explore the museum.

So far, both adults and children have tested the tour and educational classes.

We thank the NGO “Cultural Geographies” (especially Valeria Karpan and Maryna Khrypun), Liubov Martynets, Eugen and Olga Svet, Alexander Manukyans, the community “Special” and UTOS for help in implementing this project—your advice and support were truly valuable.

To visit the tour and educational classes, write to [email protected] or call 044 254 45 11.

The project was implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

The video about the project was created by Liubov Martynets.