Exhibition "Struggled with Hunger" is at the Ternopil Regional Museum of Local History

28 May 2019

From May 24 to June 20, residents and guests of Ternopil will be able to get acquainted with the photo-documentary exhibition “Struggled with Hunger”.
The exhibition “Struggled with Hunger: the unknown genocide of Ukrainians”, prepared by the Ukraine 3000 International Charitable Foundation, is based, primarily, on oral history, which today is a fairly common method of social and humanitarian research. The subject of the study of oral history is the subjective experience of an individual. Therefore, the feature of this exhibition is the confirmation of the facts based on documentary archival sources by witnesses who survived the 1932-1933 Holodomor. According to this principle, the exhibition itself is constructed – any information from an official document is confirmed by the memoirs of the witness of those events.
We invite everyone who wants to get acquainted with the exhibition to the Ternopil Regional Museum of Local History (Ternopil, Heroes’ Square, Euromaydan, 3).