Незрячі відвідувачі спускаються сходами, використовуючи тростини

In Action: the First Testing of an Adapted Tour for the Visually Impaired at the Holodomor Museum

11 September 2020

On September 5, the “Touch the Memory” project team conducted the first testing of an adapted sightseeing tour for the blind.

Thanks to the “Touch the Memory” project, visually impaired visitors of our museum will be able to “see” archival photos taken in 1932–33, listen to unique eyewitness memories about the Holodomor, read archival documents and explore the museum’s territory.

The guests of our first adapted tour — Tetiana, Ruslan, Yaroslav and Olha — agreed to help us, and at the same time learn more about the history of the Holodomor and get acquainted with the museum’s exposition, which we supplemented with audio and tactile elements. Thanks to our caring testers and experience, we will improve the tour, which will really awake interest to the theme of the museum for visually impaired visitors.

Our volunteers discovered on an excursion route, gaining new knowledge and at the same time teaching us. Guests were happy with the result, and we know which way to go next. Testing tours will continue next Saturday. This time we will hold an adapted lesson “Look at History through Photos” for a group of visually impaired visitors.

The project is implemented with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.