International Museum Day at the Holodomor Victims Memorial

18 May 2019

Congratulations on the International Museum Day!

We decided to celebrate this day by the Educational Marathon.

Our marathon started with an interesting tale of Yana Horodniak about the role of candle in the traditional culture and in the symbolism of our museum. There also was the workshop of making the candle for our little visitors.

Then Iryna Batyrieva, along with students of the 8th grade of school No. 32 from Kyiv watched the cartoons.

They were not just watching, they were trying to see the underwater stones of propaganda in the Soviet children cartoons and develop their critical thinking. Children were successful)) It isnice to see that modern students can analyze information and make independent conclusions.

The educational marathon ended with a curatorial tour of the exhibition “The Church Protecting the Christian and the National” done by Iryna Kurganska. The history of the Ukrainian Church, its struggle for existence and, finally, the achievement of autocephaly are closely linked to the struggle for the independence of the Ukrainian state. The Ukrainian Church itself is considered to be the soul of the Ukrainian people.

It’s always nice to see the interest of our visitors.

Thanks to everyone who has joined our Educational Marathon!