Paintings from the Holodomor Eyewitness

3 July 2019

The staff of the museum visited a unique person – a witness of the Holodomor-genocide and a former prisoner of Nazi concentration camps Mykola Onyschenko. Despite all the inexpressible sufferings that fell on his fate, he retains tremendous optimism. Even the Russian aggression, which, on the slope of the century, deprived him of his home in Luhansk, did not break his character, hardened by years.

Mykola Onyshchenko continues to do his favorite activity – he writes happy, full of light and life paintings, and gifts them to other people. Having experienced terrible misery in childhood and adolescence, Mykola Onyschenko speaks to us, “Do not lose hope, believe in the best.” His paintings are full of life, freedom of the mountains and the sea, beauty of flowers and fruits. He reminds all his contemporaries – look, I am here, the one who had to bekilled, I continue to live and, despite death, bring joy to people. Mykola Onyshchenko kindly handed over 6 paintings to the museum’s funds.