Presentation of logo

24 November 2016

Dear friends, on November 24, 2016, the logo of the National Museum “Holodomor Victims Memorial” was presented.

The brand sign is a candle flame that symbolizes the inevitability of the memory of the Ukrainian nation about the genocide.

The vertical red tape, which symbolizes historical memory, is a corporate element.

Historical memory is a genetic code of the nation and the main factor in the formation of national consciousness, identity. In 1933 an attempt was made to destroy the national identity of Ukrainians. We do not have the right to forget about it, since the erosion of historical memory threatens the repetition of genocide

The logo for the museum was created by Kharkiv designer Sergey Mishakin, co-founder of 3Z design studio, who is also an author of “Red Poppy” – a symbol of the Commemoration and Reconciliation Day and the Victory Day.

Thanks to the design studio “Overturn” (“Perevorot”) the museum made a re-design of the official site of the Museum. The new design is made in the corporate style of the Holodomor Memorial logo.