The Educational Program for Children's Leisure and Recreation "Summer in the Museum" Has Finished Its Work

14 June 2019

The second week of the “Summer in the Museum” program was very intense and bright.

Children learned how to make a ceramic pota dolla paper flowera paper dovea “friendship bracelet” and made a memorable badge of the Holodomor Museum.

Extremely joyful, the children played games every day. The managers of the educational program conducted interactive thematic classes “Childhood: Traditions and Modernity” about the summer cycle of folk holidays, in particular, they spoke to the pupils on the traditions of the Green holidays and Kust ritual. The children participated in the thematic English lessons “Green Holidays” and “Rusalka Week.”

Summer in the museum would not be full without a “museum practice,” therefore the children attended the thematic excursion “Museum: behind the Exposition,” where they became acquainted with the daily work of museum workers and watched the cartoons about the museum. At the thematic lesson “Create a Fairy Tale about the Museum,” the pupils painted the pictures, by which they transmitted their experiences and impressions of the summer days in the museum. Also, there was a workshop “I Am a Curator,” where children learned how to create an exhibition. They conducted curatorial tours on the exhibition “Searching of the Lost.” Nowadays, it is shown on the territory of the museum.

With no exaggeration, the hit of the educational program were the thematic excursions to our museum, provided by the children with the help of the mentors and guides. The top point was the Quest, during which the children showed excellent knowledge of the territory of the museum, its symbols and exhibitions. At the request of the children, the quest with small changes and more complicated tasks was carried out three times! Also, a video about the impressions about the children’s program “Summer in the Museum” was shot.

We are glad that we can grow up the young generation, worthy of being called museum workers! We are waiting for feedback and suggestions for further cooperation!