The Holodomor Museum continues cooperation with the “War Archives” project

7 June 2023

A demo version of the “War Archive” platform was presented as part of the 20th Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Kyiv).

The Holodomor Museum staff had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the demo version of the platform and express their suggestions regarding possible further refinement of the archive. The Holodomor Museum became one of the first partners of the “War Archive” and is currently continuing the processing of materials recorded as part of the “Those Who Saw the Darkness” project for further transfer to the Archive.

As of today, about 3.7 million media files have been uploaded to the “War Archives” platform, both from open sources of information (in particular, an archive of telegram channels has been created) and unique materials that are not publicly available. Based on this data set, it is possible to obtain information about 36,000 events and potential war crimes.

War Archives is a non-commercial information platform that brings together all forms of digital materials collected since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. All materials are catalogued here to preserve history and fairly represent events in legal and public discourse. “War Archive” is implemented by the NGO “Docudays” and Infoscope.