The Holodomor Museum staff met with American volunteer Judith Stempler during the international program in the USA

16 May 2023

In February-March 2023, members of the Holodomor Museum team participated in the international program Memorializing History Through Education and Museums program, organized by the US Embassy in Ukraine.

One of the activities provided by the program is visiting American families. During the dinner, the program participants have the opportunity to get acquainted with the ordinary life of often extraordinary American citizens. That’s how I met Judith Stempler, who has worked in the technology industry for more than 25 years as a business consultant and global sales leader and is currently the senior director of business strategy for Verizon Business Global Integration Services. Judith’s house is decorated outside and inside with the flags of Ukraine and the USA, and her big heart allows her not only to welcome visitors from Ukraine into her home but help Ukrainians outside her country too.

So, after the full-scale invasion began, she spent a month in Przemyśl, Poland, volunteering with Chef José Andres’ #WorldCentralKitchen (WCK). Judith herself talks about this experience as a great honor. Despite the fact that the work was like a difficult marathon because preparing 10,000 meals for Ukrainian refugees and working 12-16 hours a day can exhaust anyone, Judith remembers that time with warmth and tenderness.

Smiles, tears, hugs and kind words have become the best reward for volunteers from all over the world. Judith Stempler has become one of those people for whom the war in Ukraine is no longer just an evening news clip. We respect and are extremely grateful to everyone who has the strength and inspiration not to be indifferent. It is thanks to the support of people like Judith Stempler that we, Ukrainians, will surely win this war.

We previously reported on other events as a part of the international program “Perpetuation of history through education and museums,” information can be found on our website and social networks.

On May 24, the Holodomor Museum will hold a presentation for museum staff and anyone interested, during which employees will talk about the experience of participating in the program and present its results.