Зображення афіші, яка сповіщає про початок роботи на проєктом

The Holodomor Museum started the project on accessibility

10 July 2020

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the Holodomor Museum team is starting work on the Touch the Memory project. Together with the NGO “Cultural Geographies” and vision itinerant teacher Olgha Sviet, the museum employees will master the skills of working with visually impaired people to create a museum program and improve the services. One of the results of the program will be the first inclusive addition to the exposition of the Holodomor Museum.

The Touch the Memory project will be part of the museum’s cultural and educational work on inclusion. The inclusive museum program for the visually impaired people will should provide full access and dissemination of information about the genocide of Ukrainians in order to prevent such crimes.

During the trainings with experts and consultants on inclusiveness, we will find out the best forms of presenting the topic of the Holodomor for visually impaired people. The acquired knowledge and experience will allow to create new museum products for people with disabilities.

The Holodomor Museum is a platform for cooperation with research institutes, art centers, and educational centers. The results of joint activities are integrated into school and university curricula, so we began work on adapting them for people with disabilities. Thanks to the Touch of Memory project, the Holodomor Museum will allow visually impaired people to “see” archival photos taken in 1932-33, listen to unique testimonies of the Holodomor eyewitnesses, collected during museum expeditions, read archival documents, and explore the museum .