The “Hungry Symphony” Photo Exhibition Opened at the Pavlohrad Museum of Local History

7 October 2019

On October 2, 2019, the “Hungry Symphony” Photo Exhibition opened at the Pavlohrad Museum of Local History and Regional Studies opened. It was given for temporary display by our museum.

The exhibition was created in 2015 by poet, musician Liliia Perehuda and photographer Kseniia Piliavska.

“The Holodomor topic has touched me at school age, despite boring teaching, controversy and speculations. Having moved from Crimea to Kyiv, where these events took place directly, I realized that I would not leave this idea until I refine my feelings for creativity. …I decided that it was time to show the scary things in the way they had become – usual. They are here in our yard, on the telephone wire, behind the walls and windows. This is how the image of this hungry woman appeared, which is at the same time death herself. She has no children, no animals, no close human being – she is the last. She does not scare by exhaustion, bare bones or cannibalism – she is frightening because she still has the strength to come after you because the past is so close and real.

She follows those who forgot, hid behind house walls, and those who mock the memory of their ancestors, poets, ordinary people – and put everything in order.

She has the echo of the voices of the victims, as if they were sending her, immortal and tireless, to come and remind the living what had happened. You can say that this woman is Memory herself,” says Liliya Perehuda.

The exhibition is available until October 25, 2019.