The museum opened a new documentary exhibition on the silence and denial of Holodomor

7 March 2019

An exhibition of archival documents (copies) about the silence and denial by the Soviet authorities of Holodomor reveals to the visitor the technique of manipulating of public opinion, creating a distorted “coverage” of events. It shows the measures taken by the Soviet authorities to erase the memory of Holodomor and the crime victims. All this complex promoted the West noninterference in a situation that led to the murder of more than 7 million Ukrainians in a vacuum of silence.

The exhibition consists of 39 documents, among which: administrative documents, summaries, extracts from criminal cases, acts of registration of deaths, Soviet and foreign newspapers, letters, memoirs, photos.

Also, within the exhibition framework, the visitor is invited to review the documentary film “Holodomor. The world knew but was silent” (2018, the timekeeping is 23 minutes), produced by Radio Svoboda. It refers to the spread of information on mass deaths in Ukraine of 1932-1933, which fought against the official denial, and the Western governments and parliaments decisions “not to notice hunger”.

The topic of information propaganda and manipulation is particularly relevant in the context of an information attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine.

The exhibition is available in the Hall of Memory in usual schedule until May 2019.